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Well, this is embarrassing — not the show, because we think this show is great. It’s well-produced, entertaining, and has a lot of memorable fun parts. No, what’s embarrassing is the fact that it was recorded in July 2012, during the 2012 Olympics, and it’s being released nearly TWO YEARS later. Orin constantly jokes on the show about how he’s going to add “production values”… thematic music, clips, cut-ups, dialogue editing… but then like an idiot he finally did it. And it’s awesome! It really wasn’t that hard, and might just be a source of pride. Yet although most of the work was finished by September 2012 it languished, grandiose, unfinished, and forgotten. Finally we realized it was already finished enough. No joke: this could have been a 5-hour episode… that’s how many stories we had. Maybe someday you’ll hear them, but for now this should be more than enough unpronounceability. And if you don’t care for all these fancy production values, well… don’t worry too much about us keeping too many of them in the future. This radio stuff is hard.

Lamentable to behold, in the midst of the streets lay the tops of lofty towers, tumbled to the ground, stones of high walls, holy altars, fragments of human bodies, covered with livid clots of coagulated blood, looking as if they had been squeezed together in a press; and with no chance of being buried, save in the ruins of the houses, or in the ravening bellies of wild beasts and birds; with reverence be it spoken for their blessed souls. —From the only native account of the Anglo-Saxon takeover of Britain, found on Saxons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A little distracting sometimes

A little distracting sometimes

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When God comes, they say, he will come like a thief in the night. A mysterious stranger. Maybe he’ll ask a question or two; he’ll be looking for something but you won’t know that. Anonymity is essential to the enterprise. Your answers must not be tainted by foreknowledge or by self-interest; they must be absolutely honest. And on them, everything will depend. And you’ll never know the world is ending. Dirty Quote: When God comes, they say, he will come like a thief in the night. A mysterious… - Discordian Quotes

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Ah, to be young, beautiful, and be really werid.